Angel. which is the first image comes in our mind when we hear the word angel?

Let me tell you.

A girl with beautiful face, gorgeous body and mesmerizing wings.
This is an image which comes into our mind.


But why??

An angel is not just a girl with all those above features. But every single girl is an angel. She is blessed with her own beauty. She is kind, gorgeous, strong, mesmerizing and most of all she deserve to be treated well.

I’m not saying this because I’m a girl too. No. I’m saying this because I’m a sister, a cousin, a daughter, and maybe I’ll be a mother in future. And I want my sisters, my mother and my future daughters to know that they are angels, that they brought happiness in my life. And they filled my whole journey with excitement and made it worth living. Without them it would have been a plain and boring pit.

And not only my in family but every girl in the world deserve to know that. She deserve to be treated like an angel. But I guess we all fail to make her realise it, to let know how much she worth.

In fact we hurt her and treat her like dirt.

I have read many rape cases and other serious crimes against women that I lost count of it. But each time it hurts the same to read it, see it or hear it. I can’t even imagine someone going through this kind of cruel pain. It feels like a nightmare but unfortunately it’s true.

It’s true and it’s happening in front of us. We see this girls suffering from pain, scared to open their eyes. Some don’t even get a chance to open their eyes. We can’t/won’t/don’t do anything to save them from this pain.

But I want to tell all these girl that yes you have felt the pain, yes you cried, yes those scars are still very much visible, and yes you have been through a lot.

But that don’t make you weak if anything that makes you strong, brave and a survival. And some of this girls prove it by standing up after every fall. You can do it too.

I want you all to remember he can mess with your body, but he could never break you. Don’t bend down for/in front of anyone because you are born to rule the world. If you can bring a life into the world then you can do anything.

No matter how much it is cold outside don’t let it keep you inside.