When I was kid, like any other kid I hated school, study and even other kids. Because I didn’t had as much friends as them. On my way  to school I would always chant few mantras.
God please dont let my teacher come,
God please make my teacher sick,
God please let my school be closed.

In my defence I barely in 5th grade. But one day God heard my prayer and our class teacher didn’t came. But unfortunately our classes were still on.

The substitute was an ignorant person so I somehow, without knowing to anyone, ran away from my school with my friend.

Going back home was not an option for me so we went to my friend’s house, since her parents were at work.

When we reached there I was very scared, partly because I ran way from school and we were alone  at her place and partly because that was by far the most dangerous and poor neighbourhood I came across.

I don’t belong to a rich family. While growing up I had compromised a lot but that day I realised that I was very lucky to even get a new doll to play with.

But after all I was just a kid. We played and when it was time to go home, she and I walked back toward school. We walked untill I entered neighbourhood familiar to me. Then we went our different way.

That day I saw her house, the neighbourhood she used to lived in, the compromises she had made as a kid and the lack of safety of her house.

I saw everything.

I saw it all.

But I just saw it, I didn’t feel it. I couldn’t. Because I was just a kid unaware of her pain.

Now as I sit and think about it all I see is a girl with old cloths.I see a small beautiful angel sitting silently at the back of the class. Her bright eyes when anyone compliment her. I see a girl hiding her lunch because it wasn’t as nice as others. I see a girl longing to play other kids toys because she don’t have them. But most of all I see a girl neglected by other because they just didn’t care.

Now not only I see but I feel, too. I feel because I was just like her and there are others like us.

Others who cry for a toy, who don’t get nicer cloths, who are ashamed because they can’t afford the satisfaction of being like others.

All kids deserves to have a comfortable life without being ashamed or unhappy. They all deserves a friend, a toy, but most of all they deserve love.

Maybe we can give them that. We can teach our kids, younger siblings the value of sharing, love and friendship.

Maybe we can make a better tomorrow where a kid don’t have be ashamed.


Maybe we can.

We can.